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Multi-Birthday Celebration – Gainesville, VA – In-Home Chef Dinner

Memories. It’s all about memories. Memories of the smiles, the laughter, the gracious hospitality, the feelings of being family, the wonderfully polite, curious children drawing with crayons just a few feet away – keeping eyes on what you’re doing. Memories of the food, the multiple courses, the wonderfully equipped kitchen, the jovial atmosphere… Memories of […]

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Some questions for party planning.

There’s nothing better than being prepared when you start to plan your next event. As the head-count starts to grow, here are a few questions you need to think about in the beginning. When you contact us to help plan your party these are the first things we’re going to want to cover. Hopefully this […]

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We all miss you very, very much…

Anthony Bourdain… You break my heart you filthy bastard… You break my heart… You’re not my idol – never were – not even the reason why I ever picked up a kitchen knife… But you’re certainly one of the reasons I’ll probably never put one down… You were an inspiration – and will be deeply […]

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