Commercial Kitchens – Food Service Business Consulting

Passionate about the hospitality industry.

We are trained chefs, line cooks, purchasing agents, general managers, and owners. We’ve held every position in the restaurant and catering business. We bring years of expertise to the table concerning all facets of food service and kitchen operations. We are experts in maximizing efficiency while eliminating waste. We are profit hounds. Plain and simple.

In our down time – we love to write about food, kitchens, restaurants and product reviews. We test recipes, cook some of our favorites, help people write their own.
We party plan, price food, write menus and pitch in on the line every now and then. Need a hand around the shop? Just drop us a note and we’ll get right back to you.

Some of our professional services.

Menu design, writing, graphics, typeset and printing.
In-store display photography.
Menu testing, recipes, costing.
Shrink and theft mitigation.
Portion control methodology, training.
Expediting and systems control.
Sanitation standards and cleanliness training.
Food manager certification.
Kitchen layout and design – workflow efficiency.
Secret shopper – silent reviews – observational studies and reporting.
Catering and party planning/consultation.
And much more.

If it has to do with food service – we’re all about it.