Some questions for party planning.

Some preliminary planning for your next catering event always helps.

There’s nothing better than being prepared when you start to plan your next event. As the head-count starts to grow, here are a few questions you need to think about in the beginning. When you contact us to help plan your party these are the first things we’re going to want to cover. Hopefully this will help you formulate some answers and save you some time.

  • How long do you see the event lasting?
  • How well do you want to feed your guests? Light snack or full stomach?
  • Do you envision a party heavy on appetizers and light on entrees? Or a party with 3-4 main dishes and moderate sides?
  • Do you envision staff carrying canape trays around offering hors
    d’oeuvres? Or will staff basically be there do pick up dishes and
    drink-ware and keep the area clean?
  • Do you envision disposable glassware, plates, silverware and chafing
    dishes or real glass, china, silverware and heavy silver/stainless
  • If your event is at a winery, what amenities will the venue provide, if any? Tables, chairs, linens or
    any of the above. (I know that might not always be easy to answer right away.)
  • Do you envision having food delivered to the event and setup where you’ll
    take care of the rest – or will it be an evening where you’d prefer keep
    your hands clean and not have to worry about the details?
  • Will it be black-tie? Or come as you are casual?
  • What foods would you like to have at the event? Any favorites? Must haves?
  • Would you like any hot vegetarian offerings?
  • Food prepared and cooked on-site can get costly, though some people prefer
    it. Were you thinking of anything being cooked on location? Or is arriving
    with hot food going to work just fine? It makes a very significant
    difference in the cost.
  • Have you considered an amount per guest – or average cost per guest? Do
    you have any idea of a range you’d like to not exceed?

*As you think about what type of food to serve, remember*

For a standing room event, each one of the food items can
be “finger ready” or in small enough portions to be easily eaten from a
plate. You don’t want anything the guest will be required to cut.

These are just a few things to get you started.
There will of course be a lot more questions along the way, but we’ve found this really helps get the ball rolling.






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