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Interactive Cooking Classes and Lessons in Burke, VA.

Creative, custom learning opportunities in the privacy of your home.I was so happy to lead a wonderful interactive cooking class last night at a private home in Burke… I’m completely in my element as a trainer, instructor and coach.

This time – a 15th birthday party with 10 little assistant cooks learning about knife skills, reductions, saute, roasting, seasoning, preparation methods for pasta stuffing and tomato sauce.

We stuffed pasta shells, made fresh tomato sauce, prepared fresh bruschetta with a balsamic reduction, prepared gluten free lasagna, smoked mozzarella cheese, toasted breads, learned to chiffonade, dice and mince.

It was a wonderful time and I hope to do more of it soon. Such a lovely bunch of kids and some good adults creating an environment for learning… Great way to spend a night…

They were so much fun and so very helpful at putting the event together! Thanks for everything!

What would you like to learn about cooking? We’re planning future lessons. Tell us what you would like to learn more about!






    2 responses to “Interactive Cooking Classes and Lessons in Burke, VA.”

    1. Jennifer Szaro Avatar
      Jennifer Szaro

      Thank you to Chef Michael for working with us on a creating a menu that was both delicious and so they, and me, learned so much! You and Diren were just delightful, patient and kept things going.
      My daughter and one of her friends now want to make her mom and I dinner. That’s a win win!

    2. The Chef Avatar

      So glad you and they had fun Jennifer. If they, or you, ever have any questions about what to prepare or how to prepare it – don’t hesitate to ask!

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