Apple Braised Pork Shoulder with Sausage and Peppers




A few different things motivated my approach to this dish. One of my biggest desires was to do something different with a cut of meat that I have smoked outdoors or slow roasted countless times in the oven and I simply wanted to alter the presentation and method of preparation. Call it boredom or experimentation, but I didn’t want to go down the same road I had traveled so many times before and end up with a huge, super tender hunk of meat which would fall apart the first time you probed it with a fork… Though there is something to be said for that. Everything has a time and a place. Much more, I wanted something that I could slice into, lay out as medallions and serve as whole pieces with a reduction of the braising liquids as well as the remaining mirepoix and apple additions.

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Fall is here and the holidays are upon us…

I like to put these dishes here as bookmarks – placeholders of sorts to help me remember them and to give you an idea of what I like to cook. Some of them still need to be “run through the mill” so to speak. Tested and refined and adjusted for what’s in season and fresh, but in general it’s the food which lives closest to my heart.

Right now – with fall and winter on the way, my emotions turn toward the hearty, warming dishes which get me through the cooler parts of the year. Grilled meats, gumbos and jambalaya. Rustic fish, poultry and beef stews with a starchy potato backbone. Rich pastas such as lasagna, tortellini and fettuccine, cannelloni and manicotti.

It’s where my heart lies. It’s the food I love to cook and eat.

Vegan Pupusas for dinner tonight

Summer Squash Pupusas

Summer Squash Pupusas

I’m not the biggest fan of vegetarian food – even though I cook a lot of “veggie only” dishes. One thing I do like a lot is El Salvadorian food and preparations. Pupusas are some of my favorites when filled with meat, beans and cheese. Here is a recipe I came across that uses seasonal squash as the main filling. Give them a try.

Interesting recipe on vegan summer squash filled PupusasĀ