Maldive Fish Sambal – I’ve been looking for you!

Maldive Fish Sambal - gently fried in gingelly oil with red onion and garlic - reconstituted slightly with boiling water at the end of the fry. I've wanted to make this dish for well over 2 decades - after tasting the Chinese version which is much more salty and tossed with a fair amount of soy and sweeteners. This one is more simple - and just what I've been waiting for all these years. Some friends from Sri Lanka gave me the ingredients years ago - and I only recently learned that it was the dish I've been looking for all this time. So - another item off the culinary list. Good thing it lasts almost forever in an unopened jar. I love it - your mileage may vary. It was simply wonderful with mid-rare salmon carpaccio confit.

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