Anniversary Dinner, Party of 2, Manassas Virginia

Last night I had the pleasure of being welcomed into the home of a wonderful young couple and their darling daughter – who is probably between 2 or 3. It was their anniversary, and they had entrusted me with the food for the evening – which is always a great compliment. Me being me – I didn’t want to disappoint. I guess if it could be my downfall, I tend to take everything so seriously. 

When I went into planning the menu I knew I had a little room to be a bit daring with the spices. My food tends to be a little on the hot side unless someone tells me not to make it that way. This time I elected to put most of the spice into side sauces or condiments – rather than on the food itself. At least that way they could dabble in the spice, rather than be bowled over by it. 

When I asked what they would like for their dinner I was simply told, “Cook whatever you want. Make it a surprise. I’m sure we’ll like it.” I can’t expect that I’ll have that kind of freedom everywhere I go, and it really left the gates wide open for me to fix the type of food I really love. Their meal was around 5 courses. Here’s what they had:

  • Fresh slices of Sourdough with Whipped Strawberry Butter.
  • Jumbo Shrimp butterfly, Pan seared in Brown Butter and Garlic and served with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis, Mixed Greens and Chipotle Pepper Cream.
  • Fresh Crepes stuffed with Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon, Chives and Cream Cheese Sauce
  • Bacon Wrapped Jumbo Sea Scallops served with Mixed Greens and Zesty Citrus Mango Remolade
  • Pan Seared and Oven Roasted Filet Medallions topped with Wild Mushroom Ragu and Red Wine Reduction, served with Baby Green Beans and Oven Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes with Rosemary. 
  • A few simple scoops of Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream to finish everything up.

The meal was a real workout for them – it took a few hours to serve – as I didn’t want to hammer them with all the food and really wanted them to be able to take their time and enjoy everything. Some of the time between courses was used to chase their little girl around and keep her entertained. One of my favorite things was turning around on several occasions, to see her hidden beneath a large stool, staring up at me, trying to figure out who the big guy was in her kitchen. She had the most wonderful smile and curious gaze. Simple things that remind us why we like children.

All-in all, it was a success, and I am so happy to have been invited to be a part of their special evening. Though I’m sure they wont be doing it again for a while – it will be a nice memory for me and hopefully for them. So to them, I say thank you – for letting be a part of that night and for trusting me with such a special evening.

To get an idea of how this meal worked out price-wise, look for a breakdown on the pricing page.







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  1. Erin Brandon Avatar
    Erin Brandon

    What a great way to spend a special night at home!! Mike made our anniversary….He prepared an amazing menu of delicious food that even our 2 year old loved ( who only likes mac n cheese). The main course was beef tenderloin that my husband and I agree was the BEST steak we’ve ever had, honestly. We are telling all our friends about him and would definitely recommend Chef Mike to everyone.

    Thanks again, Mike. It was such a treat!!

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