Sous Vide Breast of Duck with Pulled Confit Leg

Duck 2 ways – Sous Vide Breast with Confit Leg

A time intensive dish to prepare. The duck is dressed and fully boned out. All fat and skin is removed and rendered. The bones are roasted separately and then a stock is made. The stock reduces from 2 gallons to approximately 1/2 a quart and is finished with organic Sultana raisins. The rendered fat is used to confit the legs. The breasts are individually seared, chilled and then cooked sous vide @134 for 1.5 hours. The potatoes are quickly boiled and then pan fried to golden brown in duck rendering.

For final assembly, the breasts are seared one more time prior to being served, then sliced after a short rest. The confit leg is reconstituted in the reduction sauce, then pulled and plated. The sauce is given one last minor reduction if necessary and the dish is sauced and served. There are many steps in the process and multiple moving parts toward the end when it comes to plating, but what a wonderful way to enjoy such a delicate, decadent protein.  Certainly one of my all-time favorites.



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