Mom’s Anniversary Dinner – For Once I Wasn’t Cooking.

My mom had her 1 year Wedding Anniversary last night and she invited the family over for a BBQ – which was what they did for the wedding. That party I cooked at. It was kind a pot luck where I took care of the meat, chicken and Spanakopita. We had Turkish Adana Kofte and cicik (cucumber yogurt sauce) and some regular old BBQ chicken along with the collection of items that everyone else brought. 

Last night was cool though – simple burgers – farmer’s market corn, black olives, cheese, crackers, salad which none of us ate and it made mom mad. There was potato salad and chips.. Just something really simple – and that’s what I liked about it. Sometimes you just don’t want to fuss. 

The evening was nice enough to eat outside – that was a change. It does make me want a little for spring or fall – but it was quintessential summer. Conversations turned to who was impervious to mosquitoes and poison ivy. Stella Artois in tall pilsner glasses and soda cans lined the table. I had two helpings of the corn – it was so good. I had to leave a little early because of an appointment.

This is the second BBQ I’ve been to this summer where someone else was in charge of the flame. I thought it would hurt to go tho these parties and not have any say as to what goes on with the grill – but then I realized the freedom in not being responsible for what came off of it and I decided that was just fine.

I am still yearning for that one big BBQ blowout – the one with a massive grill and tons of food and pulled pork and ribs and chicken and corn – all of it made fresh – none of the side dishes from a box, bag or can – other than beans of course. My taste buds are still screaming for the kind of relief only that kind of BBQ can bring. And I’m throwing it out into the world that I’d love to be your chef for such an event.. Call me… I’m awfully hungry…







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