Chef today – chef tomorrow

It’s a very early morning for me – not that they all aren’t pretty early. I don’t have anyone dropping bread or produce at the front door – so there isn’t a need to be up – but I am. The air is turning cold and all of the fun fall food brings is just around the corner. I cant wait for the holiday reservations to begin. The new dish on the menu is the Crabcakes with Dijon-Tartar. I started the season with a crab-stuffed portobella mushroom, but thus far have been unhappy with the results when I demo-ed the dish. Back to basics – good old fasion crab cakes.

I was re-inspired to do a crab dish after a trip the the shore the other day – we fished from sun-up to sun-down and pulled in baby bluefish by the bucket load. We tossed them all back but it was fun. On the way home we stopped for crab cakes and crab/arti dip – as well as a broiled entree which left a little to be desired – but the cakes were so fantasticly fresh. It really made a difference. My 10 dollar bowl of bisque was hardly worth it.. More on that later. Anyway – the crab will live throughout the season on the menu.

The family style menu is just around the corner. It will be less expensive than the plated 4 course menu – and will be a little more accessible to people. I’m going to do some work to it today and hopefully have it up soon. I’m still feasting on left-over curried country pork ribs from the beach trip. We also had lemon pepper chicken with fresh garlic and herbs on the grill while sitting on the beach. Yes – I like to eat well there to. I just won’t prep on the beach – everything came from a ziplock to the grill – and it was great…





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