Breakfast Was Yummy! Country Salmon and Mushroom Toast.

This morning was an extra special treat. Eggs and Diced Alaskan salmon with baby bella mushrooms and red onion sauteed and topped with shredded mozzarella cheese – served over a thick-cut slice of homemade molasses-honey whole wheat bread. All washed down with a cup of fresh ground Colombian coffee. Next time I’d like to add a little fresh garden tomato and applewood smoked bacon. But for today – it was simply perfect.

Simply scramble 3 eggs, chop 1 medium red onion (we prefer very thin slices rather than a dice), a 7oz piece of fresh salmon (small cubes), 1lb of baby bella mushrooms and shred a cup of your favorite cheese. Add 3 tblspn canola or vegetable oil and a small pad of butter if you wish, saute the onion, then the thinly sliced mushrooms, then add the fish after the bellas soften. Once the ingredients have combined well, add the egg, incorporate and then add the shredded cheese . Allow the mixture to simmer gently on med-low heat until the eggs are cooked through.

You can speed this process by placing the pan in a 400 degree oven or under a salamander to make it more like a fritata. We elected to be patient and let the slow heat do its work. Add a dash of fresh or dried oregano and salt and pepper to taste. Serve over a slice of nice hearty bread.






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