Traveling Chef Service for In-Home Catering

This is truly the way to go for those with fully equipped kitchens.

Have a fabulous kitchen with all of the amenities and no time to do the cooking? For some, the thought of having someone arrive at their home and use their pots and pans, spoons and utensils, mixers, blenders, food processors and consumable items such as aluminum foil, spices, herbs and parchment paper – isn’t a big deal at all. They have the equipment, why not let someone use it? For guests with food allergies this is usually a requirement. Food sensitivities aside, if you have a fully equipped kitchen, as many of our guests do, call your traveling chef and get fantastic service at considerable savings. For weekly meal preparation service and special events it really helps us and our guests in the long run if we can arrive with minimal supplies and provide the service faster. It’s more economical for everyone. We bring our own personal tools such as knives, cutting boards and any other absolute must-haves, you provide the rest. We’ll help you run down a list of required items to make sure you have everything on hand.

Where we find this service most helpful is for those guests with open concept kitchen designs, where the clutter of additional bins would be unsightly once the guests begin to arrive. When we have to bring our entire kitchen with us there are usually crates and bins full of everything you already have in your cabinets, so it’s a bit redundant. We’ve found that most guests don’t like the look of their beautiful kitchens being filled with assorted plastic tubs once the party starts. So we try to offer this option to those who have full amenities and quality cookware. Inevitably the guests are all going to find their way into the kitchen to see what’s happening. It occurs at nearly every event we have. When everyone gathers around to watch the goings-on, it always looks better if the kitchen debris is kept to a minimum. Consider it “food for thought”.

With everything, there’s always a little give and take and we’ll work with you to keep the party minimalist and less expensive.

Traveling Chef Service:

1/4 Day – 2 hours: 90.00

1/2 Day – 4 hours: 200.00

3/4 Day – 6 hours: 300.00

1 Day – 8 hours: 400.00

These rates include menu planning and the creation of a personal shopping list you can use to pick up the food for your event. For more details, please have a look at our guide for “Parties on the cheap” to get a better idea of how the Traveling Chef Service can best be used to your advantage. For those guests who aren’t equipped for such an event, or aren’t too keen on offering up their personal cookware, utensils and expendables, please see our Cookware Service.

As with everything, an email or phone conversation can clear up any questions. Never hesitate to contact me personally with any concerns.

-The Chef