Full Service Dine-in Catering and Personal Chef

Full Service Dine-in Catering, In-Home Meal Preparation, Parties, Special Events and Personal Chef Services

As the name implies, we offer full service for a variety of cooking and food preparation needs to our guests.

On a personal level, full service translates to:

  • Hand selection of the food items and groceries to be prepared for your event. 
  • Menu design services and event consultation.
  • Arrival at your location with all required items necessary for your meal.
  • Complete setup and service, including cleanup and breakdown.
  • Personal shopping for additional items required for your event.
  • Anything you require to make the day or evening a success.

On a grand scale, these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arrival at your event with all required food supplies and materials.
  • Personal food shopping service and delivery.
  • Event planning and menu design services.
  • Digital graphic design and hand painting of custom menus.
  • Rental arrangements, pickup, delivery and returns.
  • Complete setup, breakdown and cleanup before and after the event.
  • Housekeeping services prior or post your event.
  • Sub-contractor coordination for your event. (i.e. Ice Cream Carts, Bouncy Houses, Fairground Vendors, DJ’s and Audio Visual)
  • Culinary Coordinator, Consultation and Supervisory Support Staff Services for Weddings and Special Events.

This goes on and can get quite broad in scope depending on the event. We tend to limit our involvement in major events with high headcounts because the cost versus the perceived value gets way out of balance. Simply put, our hands-on style and personalized services generally don’t translate very well to large parties exceeding 50-60 people unless it is purely a buffet event, in which case we can allow for larger numbers. We’re more boutique in nature and would prefer to not get involved in major catering events requiring large amounts of staff and coordination. There are plenty of good companies in the area with the infrastructure, staff, talent and experience to serve large parties at a better price point than we can afford to. We have bartenders, waiters and utility service staff available upon request, though we’d prefer to keep things a little smaller and more intimate when we can.

We find most of our guests usually end up electing to go with a hybrid of our Cookware Service and our Full Service levels, where we all shoulder the burden a bit between doing the shopping and bringing the correct materials for the job. Though if you need a complete full service event, it’s always available and we’ll be happy to help you make arrangements.

Full Cooking and Shopping Service:

1/4 Day – 2 hours: 145.00

1/2 Day – 4 hours: 350.00

3/4 Day – 6 hours: 475.00

1 Day – 8 hours: 675.00

These are base rates for Full Service Personal chef fees. They include the cooking and cookware, menu planning services and shopping services, but do not include grocery and rental gratuities which cover the expenses related to pickup, delivery and returns. Depending on the depth of required services for your event there may be additional hourly charges for event planning and coordination.  To get more details and have further clarity it’s probably best you contact us directly.

For a little leverage on pricing to keep things in line, have a look at our guide for “Parties on the cheap” to get a better idea of some cost saving ideas which can be used to your advantage. To go directly to lower cost alternatives, you can read about our Traveling Chef and Cookware Service levels.

As with everything, an email or phone conversation can clear up any questions. Never hesitate to contact me personally with any concerns.

-The Chef