Event Pricing

Event pricing can be very complex and there is no “one size fits all” pricing plan. It is best to think of things in averages.

The average price will really depend on the amount of guests at any one event and how much food will be prepared.

In general, depending on the food, most in-home dining and catering events “average” between $45 and $65 per guest. The price can go much higher, but in general doesn’t go any lower than $45 per guest plus the price of food. For larger buffet style and outdoor BBQ events with high head-counts the prices can adjust a little lower. Once again, it all depends on your specific event.

Interactive Cooking Classes and Lessons start at $300 and include menu planning, prep lists, recipes and chef fees for the event.

In-home dining and catering chef fees have a fixed range.  They are as follows:

1/4 Day – 2 hours: 90.00 to 145.00

1/2 Day – 4 hours: 200.00 to 350.00

3/4 Day – 6 hours: 300.00 to 475.00

1 Day – 8 hours: 400.00 to 675.00

Additional hours or part hours are billed at 55.00 dollars per hour.
For any event requiring a second chef add $200 for the half day – $400 for the full day.
Depending on the amount of food items and complexity of the preparation we may require a second chef for parties of 8 or more. Much of this depends on the level of service, party arrangements, meal timing and complexity.

Fees for Personal Chef services and Private Catering include the chef, food preparation and cook times, serving of the food and clean-up. Our prices usually include our specialty spices, seasonings and kitchen equipment needed for the job, but do not cover items such as fresh herbs, butter, oil, sauce components or other items related to grocery.

For Full service, all groceries will be hand selected and purchased by the chef and brought to your home the day of the event for the cost of the food plus a gratuity of 20% of the grocery bill. This way you have complete control over the cost of the food, while the chef is responsible for the quality.

For specific menu questions, reservations, personal shopping service and event planning assistance please email me @ michael (at) novachef dot com or call (571) 318-9776

To give you an idea of how some of the cost work, here is the breakdown of a rather elaborate dinner for 2. The story for this dinner can be found here.

Grocery bill: $170.00

Grocery Gratuity: $34.00

Two hour Chef fee: $145.00

One Additional Hour: $55.00

Total: $404.00

Minus Party of 2 Discount: – $50.00

$354.00 for A long, wonderful dinner in your home, served at a very comfortable pace. It is an extravagance, and doesn’t always have to be that much. By choosing fewer courses and less food – A good portion of the price can be taken off the top. I simply put this here to give you an idea of what a very extravagant meal would cost versus something more conservative.