My mission is simply this – bring the best of restaurant style dining into peoples homes, where they can dine at their own pace and enjoy freshness and quality while they relax in what should be the most comfortable atmosphere around. There is a certain elegance to having a personal chef in your home preparing meals for you and a certain someone, or for friends and family and people who are close to you.

I treat the responsibility of bringing exciting cuisine to your table with the utmost importance and respect. I only use the freshest ingredients. All of my dishes are prepared the day or evening of the event, and everything is prepared with love. I strive to customize flavors and dishes to guests individual tastes, and stick to what I know is good.

Special dietary concerns are always addressed and recipes are modified to fit people with special needs. It is a task I enjoy. It is a job I love. My service is about caring, compassion and honest hospitality. It is the only way I know how to do things – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So order your meal, sit back and enjoy your time with friends, loved ones and family – and leave the rest to me. You have my word that I will do whatever it takes to to make it good, make it fun and make it right. For specific menu questions, reservations and event planning assistance please email me @ michael (at) novachef dot com.

40th Anniversay Dinner for 240th Anniversary Dinner for 2 at Home

40th Anniversary Dinner for 2.                                    The Happy Couple on their 40th.