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Bridal Shower, Party of 20, Reston, Virginia

Chef MIchael on the move

If you were out on the town last Saturday night, you might have found yourself asking, “Where are all the beautiful people?” The reason you couldn’t find them is that we were cooking for all of them in Reston Virginia. There is no doubt there was a shortage of them on the streets because they were all in this house. And my wife, being one of them, volunteered to come help me on this mission and was right there beside me to enjoy it all.


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My mission is simply this – bring the best of restaurant style dining into peoples homes, where they can dine at their own pace and enjoy freshness and quality while they relax in what should be the most comfortable atmosphere around. There is a certain elegance to having a personal chef in your home preparing […]

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Event Pricing

Event pricing can be very complex and there is no “one size fits all” pricing plan. It is best to think of things in averages. The average price will really depend on the amount of guests at any one event and how much food will be prepared. In general, depending on the food, most in-home […]

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Bombay Bistro, Fairfax, VA.

Bombay Bistro 3570 Chain Bridge Rd. Fairfax, VA. 22030 703-359-5810 I must preface this review with one statement in the event the review seems a little bias – I absolutely love Indian food – and I absolutely love this restaurant, having never, ever had a bad experience there. With that being said, hopefully I […]

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