Cookware Service for In-home Catering

For In-Home Catering and Dining guests with limited kitchens that may not be fully equipped, or who prefer to keep their personal cookware out of the rotation during a party or event, we offer complete cookware service, where we’ll show up with all of the necessary equipment and cookware to perform the food service.

It’s perfectly ok to not want to use any of your kitchen equipment. After more than two decades in the food service industry we’ve cultivated quite a protective nature about our personal items in the kitchen and we completely understand that you might have too. Kitchen items are very dear to us and you’d be preaching to the choir to tell us about your love for certain pots, pans and service ware. We have the same love for our cookware and would have the same concern if we saw someone headed for grandma’s Le Creuset braising pan with a metal spoon. We totally get it, so don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Other guests simply don’t have the required cookware or might not have the proper assortment of required items to accomplish the job. For these cases we find it easier to simply bring our preferred items with us. In general, this is the most common selection for most of our guests. The guest makes room for us by cleaning off their counters and we handle the rest. It’s easier than having us rummage around in your cabinets looking for various odds and ends. Most often the only thing we’ll go searching for is the occasional spoon or spatula, but in general we try to leave all of your personal items untouched. We may with your permission, peek around your spice cabinet occasionally to see what you have on hand, but for the most part we’ll have everything we need to get to work. Occasionally we’ll have to ask for the location of certain items such as glassware, serving platters and any items requested by your party guests. As always, you’re the boss and we never lose sight of the fact that we too have been invited into your home, so we make every attempt to be as respectful of your privacy as possible.

For some, it’s just easier and more comfortable this way and brings a balance to the event where the guest does the shopping and we bring everything else needed to perform the cooking and pull off the event.

Cooking and Cookware Service:

1/4 Day – 2 hours: 130.00

1/2 Day – 4 hours: 275.00

3/4 Day – 6 hours: 390.00

1 Day – 8 hours: 535.00

These rates include menu planning and the creation of a personal shopping list you can use to pick up the food for your event. For more details, please have a look at our guide for “Parties on the cheap” to get a better idea of how the Cookware Service can best be used to your advantage. For those guests who desire or require a full service in-home catering event , please see our guide for Full Service Dining, Parties and Personal Chef events.

As with everything, an email or phone conversation can clear up any questions. Never hesitate to contact me personally with any concerns.

-The Chef