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Fall is here and the holidays are upon us…

I like to put these dishes here as bookmarks – placeholders of sorts to help me remember them and to give you an idea of what I like to cook. Some of them still need to be “run through the mill” so to speak. Tested and refined and adjusted for what’s in season and fresh, but in general it’s the food which lives closest to my heart.

Right now – with fall and winter on the way, my emotions turn toward the hearty, warming dishes which get me through the cooler parts of the year. Grilled meats, gumbos and jambalaya. Rustic fish, poultry and beef stews with a starchy potato backbone. Rich pastas such as lasagna, tortellini and fettuccine, cannelloni and manicotti.

It’s where my heart lies. It’s the food I love to cook and eat.

Vegan Pupusas for dinner tonight

Summer Squash Pupusas

Summer Squash Pupusas

I’m not the biggest fan of vegetarian food – even though I cook a lot of “veggie only” dishes. One thing I do like a lot is El Salvadorian food and preparations. Pupusas are some of my favorites when filled with meat, beans and cheese. Here is a recipe I came across that uses seasonal squash as the main filling. Give them a try.

Interesting recipe on vegan summer squash filled Pupusas 

Some restaurants have simply lost their collective tiny minds…

Exactly what I have always said about most wannabe restauranteurs having their head wedged “WAY up there”…

“And when we hear the words Donkey Sauce, which part of the donkey are we supposed to think about? ”

Restaurant Review: Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar in Times Square

And Guy speaks in his defense…

My suggestion – get a smaller menu and maybe a smaller a head…

South Riding – Ladies night out (at home) Party of 7 with a Personal Chef

Tropical salad

Tropical salad – Light and Flavorful – No Dressing

A wonderful time last night in South Riding, Virginia – where the ladies took some time to celebrate a very special birthday. (I think it was her 20th!)

The setting was very nice and everyone came together to celebrate the day, have a few drinks and eat some good food.

Once again – the guests made everything great for me. I hope I was successful in returning the same good time.

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Sunday Brunch Catering in Reston VA

What goes into putting together a good Sunday Brunch for 15 women? Whatever your client requests. The biggest parts are preparation, timing and execution. Even though it is a lot of food, it can still be a light, fun day of cooking as long as you are prepared.

We shopped for groceries on Saturday. Our client also went shopping and bought additional appetizers and desserts. She’s always helpful in organizing the serving dishes and getting the kitchen ready for us before we arrive and for that we would like to say thank you.

We had 4 hours to pull this off and ended up creating 15 of our most popular dishes. The guests were arriving at 12 Noon and we were out the front door at 11:40.

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